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Comment Deadlines Set in FM6 NPRM

The FCC says it is seeking final resolution on "Franken FMs"

If you want to tell the FCC what you think about Franken FMs, the comment deadlines have now been posted.

As we reported earlier, the commission has released a Fifth Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comment about the operation of analog radio services by digital low-power television stations as ancillary or supplementary services.

Comments are due by July 18, and replies by Aug. 1.

The commission is asking whether it should allow existing FM6 stations to continue, whether to expand permissions to other TV stations and, more broadly, if there are better or more efficient ways to use that spectrum. NPR, for instance, has suggested that the FCC license additional NCE FM radio stations on 82–88 MHz in areas where Channel 6 LPTVs and full-power stations are not operating.

Submit comments using the FCC online comment system. In the Proceeding field type 03-185.

[Read a summary of the issue with a link to the NPRM text: “FCC Opens FM6 NPRM, Seeking ‘Final Resolution'”]