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Markey Deplores “Lies and Homophobia” in Sohn Process

Cruz: The committee has duty to conduct "full and thorough" vetting

Gigi Sohn (image credit C-SPAN)

Sen. Ed Markey says it’s “outrageous” that the Federal Communications Commission still doesn’t have a full complement while the nomination of Gigi Sohn sits.

He called her “supremely qualified and prepared” and he lamented “lies and homophobia” regarding her nomination.

Markey, Democrat from Massachusetts, is active in broadcast and communications issues through his seat on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. Sohn would fill a Democratic seat on the commission and would break the current 2­–2 political tie. Sohn was nominated in October 2021 and renominated this month.

“Gigi Sohn is President Biden’s nominee, and Congress should confirm her as soon as possible. As a member of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and a longtime advocate for advancing telecommunications equity and access, I will continue to fight back against baseless attacks and push for swift confirmation,” Markey said in a press release Friday.

Earlier this month, Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas and incoming ranking member of that committee, described Sohn as “one of the most radical and ethically compromised nominees I have ever seen during my Senate tenure.” Cruz said that with new lawmakers on the committee and 14 months since she was nominated, “our committee has a duty to conduct a full and thorough vetting process of her nomination, including receipt of updated paperwork, meetings with senators and staff, and a new public hearing.”