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IBiquity Establishes Cash Award for Salespeople

Program encourages HD2/HD3; winner to receive $5,000

IBiquity Digital wants to encourage radio salespeople to include multicast channels in their pitches to clients, so it has set up a cash contest.

It was announced today by Joe D’Angelo, iBiquity Digital senior VP of broadcast programs and advanced services. Salespeople can submit stories of campaigns using HD2/HD3 channels on the HD Radio Alliance site through mid-August.

The grand prize is $5,000 cash, with $1,000 for second place and an HD Radio upgrade for the third place winner. Judges are John Potter of RAB, Mark Turley of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Diane Warren of the HD Radio Alliance.

The company wants “to reward radio industry account executives and sales managers that use the HD2/HD3 multicast channels made possible by HD Radio technology in their clients’ on-air advertising campaigns. Some examples of possible entries include NTR events, campaigns exclusively on the HD Radio channel or campaigns that combines all digital assets of on-air, website and HD2/HD3 channels.”