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Jacobs on Local/Mobile Ad Spending

Radio consultant (and app developer) sees a big opportunity

Radio consultant and apps advocate Paul Jacobs says mobile ads offer radio stations a new opportunity.

Opining on the JacAPPS APPtitude Blog, he riffed on a recent BIA/Kelsey report on the potential “explosive” growth in mobile ads for local businesses, a prospective quadrupling by 2015.

While some in radio might see this as a threat to their locally based revenue, he sees an opportunity for stations to take the lead in local ad sales by co-opting mobile media through station-based custom apps like the ones his company sells.

 “Mobile is the ultimate game changer. While many radio broadcasters have recognized the mobile opportunity by creating mobile applications, there is so much more opportunity to make mobile a bona fide revenue generator,” he wrote.

He suggests: “Stations can create apps for major station events and concerts. Taking it further, they could create an app that is exclusively devoted to participating bars and restaurants in the area. Or a local concert/event guide. Ski reports. Women’s issues, if you’re an AC station. And on and on.”

For those worried about non-radio competitors such as coupon peddler Groupon, Jacobs asked: “And what is radio’s advantage over Groupon and other digital competitors? Radio has cume that can drive audiences to download these apps, giving them a real jumpstart in the mobile marketplace. Stations also have the ability to promote them on multiple platforms, including websites, their email database, social media, etc.”