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Jelli Adds iPhone App

User Controlled Radio Goes Mobile

Crowdsourcing platform Jelli has introduced an iPhone app, allwoing users on the go to help program FM station and streamed affiliate stations.

Jelli users vote for the artists and songs they love and want to hear, either online through the Jelli website or via the new iPhone app, creating dynamic playlists that determine in real time what will play online and on FM radio stations that use the Jelli service.

At the Radio Show, Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty told Radio World that many of the stations using Jelli do so in conjunction with their automation system, adding spontaneity to their overnight or weekend programming.

“Jelli on the iPhone helps make the radio more social and fun,” says Dougherty.

The new Jelli iPhone app includes features that make the listening experience more interactive and social. Jelli users swipe through the “Tuner” to browse the online and FM stations programmed via Jelli. Users make songs rise or drop on the playlist by tapping the “Rocks” or “Sucks” buttons. The “Rockometer” shows what the listeners using Jelli think about the song, complete with sound effects.

Jelli users are rewarded for selecting songs the community thinks “Rocks.” If enough people think a song “Sucks,” it’ll be pulled off the air, even in mid-song, according to the company. When a listener “rockets” (recommends) a song that makes it to air, the listener’s Jelli DJ name is read on-air.