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Live From the Radio Show

Check out the live action at the Radio Show

Radio Show 2019
The crowd waits to enter the “2020 and Beyond: Insights From the Top” session.


Radio Show 2019, Stephanie Ruhle, Mary Berner, David Field, Bob Pittman
On Wednesday, at a session titled “2020 and Beyond: Insights From the Top” leaders from major radio groups discussed the current state of the industry and where they think it is going and should go.
Panel (left to right): Stephanie Ruhle, NBC News, moderator. Mary Berner, president and CEO, Cumulus Media; David Field, president and CEO, Entercom; Bob Pittman, chairman and CEO, iHeartMedia. Photo: Paul McLane. Below are select clips from the discussion. Photo: Paul McLane.

Mary Berner

Podcast is a very, very compelling business opportunity for us. A way to expand our universe and deepens our relationships.

Time spent listening to audio is expected to grow as much as time spent gaming in coming years

Radio remains resilient and compelling. We’re positioned to thrive in the greater growing audio marketplace

Companies up here are well on their way to becoming audio-first companies.

We need to really lean into the shift from radio to audio.

David Field

The number one use case of smart speakers is broadcast radio. It’s a great testament to what we do.

Bob Pittman

(To ad agencies) Please get off of your perceptions of the past. Talk about a truly mass medium, which is radio.

Podcast is our birthright. Like radio it is companionship.

The music collection is the way people escape the world. Radio is the mirror image of that, when you want to be part of the world.

The music collection is a sort of utility; in radio we’re human beings.

About 85% of listening is to broadcast radio. The most important [aspect] is “keep me company.”

One of radio’s big advantages is that we win the device war. But now the smart speaker allows us to reclaim some of our turf in the home too.

With the consumer we in radio are doing great. But we’ve gotta monetize it better. Historically we don’t have great relationships at the client level.


Radio Show 2019, Erica Farber, John Zimmer
Erica Farber of RAB talks with Radio Show steering chair John Zimmer about the power of radio and audio. Photo: Paul McLane.


Bob & Tom Show, Radio Show
The nationally syndicated “Bob & Tom Show” broadcasts from the Radio Show in Dallas on Wednesday morning. Photo: Paul McLane