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Neural Introduces SEE for Receiver OEMs

Neural Introduces SEE for Receiver OEMs

Neural Audio Corporation introduced its Spatial Environment Engine surround sound technology here at CES. SEE is a consumer version of the Neural development system designed to facilitate multichannel renderings tests for receiver manufacturers that supply automakers. SEEDS renders a 2-D stereo image from 2 to 256 speakers in the vehicle.
Neural Audio’s SEE achieves multichannel rendering by using a (patent pending) spatial downmixing and rendering process.
On the broadcast side, 5.1 content is downmixed to stereo via Neural/Harris 5225 Mix-Edit Appliance, allowing digital broadcasters to transmit 5.1 encoded surround sound.
On the consumer side, the stereo downmix may be rendered to 5.1 or as many loudspeakers as desired, says Neural.
Among the leading radio and television broadcasters using Neural Audio technology are XM Radio, Inc., NBC, Fox, Clear Channel, NPR, Infinity and Viacom.
Neural Audio technology was a key part of the first terrestrial digital broadcast of 5.1 surround sound for NPR’s 2004 “Toast of the Nation” New Year’s Eve Event, which RW Online reported on exclusively.
Neural surround technology was used on KUVO-FM’s live broadcast of a concert in September, HD Radio’s first 5.1 live event.