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Nielsen Graphic Reflects Reach of Radio and TV

Over-the-air TV and radio still top the charts, despite the many choices consumers now have

Radio and television may have plenty of competition these days, but a newly published graphic on Nielsen’s blog is a reminder that over-the-air media still play a huge role in American lives.

The graphic shows the numbers of users engaging with radio, television, social media and mobile/computers. Most notable is that in an average month, 263 million people tune into FM or AM radio and 287 million tune into live, time-shifted or on-demand television.

As Nielsen breaks consumption down, internet use on smartphones averages 191 million people per month and on computers 183 million. On the social media side of things, an average of 176 million smartphone users log on to sites like Facebook and Twitter and an average of 113 million do so through a computer.

You can find the graphic on Nielsen’s Media and Entertainment Newswire or right here