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Onyx Debuts Plug-On RepoFlash

Onyx Debuts Plug-On RepoFlash

Onyx, a Netherlands-based company, manufactures professional audio equipment for radio reporters. The RepoDisc, a portable MiniDisc recorder, and RepoFlash, a plug-on MP3 Flash recorder, were introduced in 2003.
The RepoDisc mono/stereo MiniDisc recorder, is useful for interviews and news gathering. It is built around an unmodified consumer Sharp MD-MT29OH MiniDisc portable that is fixed to a metal chassis. The chassis is fitted into a protective case and comes with a shoulder-length carry strap.
RepoDisc has two XLR microphone/line inputs that are balanced by use of mic input transformers with outputs that feed the mic input of the Sharp MiniDisc unit. Three record switches convert both inputs to line-level, connect the left XLR input to both input channels (for use with a mono source) and activate a low-cut filter.
The RepoFlash is a solid-state digital audio recorder. It can be plugged onto the reporter’s microphone and records in MP3 audio format. RepoFlash features 128 MB of fixed internal Flash memory for two hours of MP3 digital audio recording. After recording, a USB connection facilitates file transfer to computer.
RepoFlash is delivered with USB cable and upload/download software. Info: