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People Meters to be Tested in Philly

People Meters to be Tested in Philly

Nielsen Media Research and The Arbitron Company will work together when the Arbitron Portable People Meter is deployed in the United States later this year. Philadelphia will be the first U.S. test market, beginning in the fourth quarter of 2000.
Nielsen will provide financial support and its TV survey research expertise to the field test in Philadelphia and will have the option to continue in further PPM system deployment in the U.S.
The PPM is a pager-sized device that is worn by consumers throughout the day. It automatically detects inaudible codes that broadcasters embed in the audio portion of their programming using encoders provided by Arbitron. A base station that recharges the PPM unit at the end of each day also downloads the collected codes to Arbitron.
The device will measure radio, TV and cable programming.
A similar device will be tested in Switzerland this summer, see RW, June 7, p.5.
Laura Dely