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Futuri Names Gilliam, Storch to New Roles

Strategy and revenue are their respective focuses

Tracy Gilliam (left) and Todd Storch

From our People News page: Futuri has created two new positions. Tracy Gilliam was named chief strategy officer, and Todd Storch becomes chief revenue officer.

Futuri offers audience engagement and sales intelligence services for broadcasters and digital publishers, using artificial intelligence and the cloud. Daniel Anstandig is its CEO.

“Gilliam will focus on M&A and strategic growth, as well as further developing Futuri’s client solutions and best-in-class Customer Experience team,” the company wrote.

Futuri in 2015 acquired TopLine Matters, a sales intelligence system Gilliam launched. She also is a former general sales manager for CBS Radio in Los Angeles and VP/market manager for Clear Channel, now iHeartMedia.

“Storch will be responsible for driving Futuri’s continued revenue growth through aligned sales and marketing go-to-market strategies and operational plans for profitable growth,” Futuri wrote.

He is former CEO of Kindrid and Five Star Global, and was SVP, Strategic Initiatives at Ministry Brands. He’s a former VP/senior consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy and co-founder of Taylor’s Gift Foundation.

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