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Shure Hires Moorut for Spectrum Role

Will be point person with regulators, lawmakers and industry associations

Prakash MoorutAudio equipment manufacturer Shure has brought a new executive on board to deal with spectrum and regulatory matters.

Prakash Moorut joins as senior director of spectrum and regulatory affairs for the mic manufacturer, whose products include many wireless devices. It is a new position.

“Moorut will be responsible for leading Shure’s efforts to advocate for audio professionals as it pertains to industry regulations,” the company said.

“He will serve as Shure’s point person with regulators, lawmakers and industry associations as well as partner with engineering and product management to create a regulatory roadmap that adheres to current and future policies.”

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Moorut was with Nokia for 10 years, most recently as head of spectrum standardization. Before that he had a long tenure with Motorola. The announcement was made by VP of Quality Ahren Hartman.

Shure noted that wireless mics now play a role not only in broadcasting and film production, but also news reporting, theater, music, sports, worship, civic events, transportation infrastructure and education.

Moorut received a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Ecole Superieure D’Electricite (SUPELEC) in France.