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“Power of the Podcast” Explores the Format’s Creative, Commercial Potential

IBC panel features speakers from The New York Times, ITV and StreamGuys

AMSTERDAM — Held September 14 at 2:45 p.m., the IBC conference session “Power of the Podcast” will focus on how podcast creators, distributors and advertisers are reaching new audiences through this audio format.

Featuring Lisa Tobin, executive producer of audio for The New York Times; Eduardo Martinez, director of technology for StreamGuys; and Sheena Peirse, editorial director of online for ITV, the panel will examine both how to effectively generate engaging audio content and how to monetize that content.

Podcasting has become one of the fastest growing means of reaching (and targeting) audiences, with a range of business models and monetization opportunities. 

Tobin’s New York Times podcast, “The Daily,” writes Vanity Fair‘s Joe Pompeo, “was the most-downloaded new show on Apple Podcasts last year, with 5 million listeners a month at the latest count, more than 1 million of whom tune in every day.”

Pompeo continues “Podcasting is among the most vexing categories of our new media landscape. On the one hand, users (particularly in big, commuting cities) love the phenomenon. On the other, it’s been hard for traditional publishers to monetize their enthusiasm. But the tipping point may be coming soon enough to benefit [Michael] Barbaro [the host of ‘The Daily,’] and the Times. Some analysts predict that the audio market will rise to $659 million by 2020, with the Times poised to become a major player in the space.”

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Martinez emphasizes, “With the explosive growth of podcasting over the recent years, it’s more important than ever to stay informed on the most recent advancements in the podcasting landscape and technology.

“Whether we are talking about new trends in podcast monetization, or advanced publishing workflows,” Martinez concludes, “it is imperative for content creators to find new and engaging ways to maximize both the reach and the monetization of the shows that they create.”

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