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Apple Previews “Next Generation” of CarPlay

What does this mean for radio?

Following the start of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, details surrounding the newest edition of Apple CarPlay were of particular interest to radio enthusiasts and broadcasters alike.

Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media wrote an article diving into conference highlights and addressing how radio might be affected by Apple’s self-described “next generation” of CarPlay. “This is a friendly takeover of a vehicle’s entire dashboard and operating system,” said Jacobs.

The latest CarPlay updates can now overhaul every screen in your car — from climate control to fuel levels to the speedometer, said Apple.

While only preliminary details have been released about the updated version, at present, CarPlay enables users to get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and access their Apple Music subscriptions all from the car’s built-in display.

Concept art depicting the updated dashboard for the next-gen of CarPlay. (Photo courtesy of Apple)

Radio stations also have a home on the dash. Apple said users can stream more than 100,000 live radio stations through the feature.

The graphic below offers a sampling of auto manufacturers already signed up for Apple’s next-gen of CarPlay.

(Photo courtesy of Apple)

Outside of Apple CarPlay’s growing popularity with auto manufactures, the platform has also been gaining popularity among consumers.

From Jacobs Media’s annual “Techsurvey,” which measures the amount of change in the tech space and its impact on radio broadcasters, this year, CarPlay’s importance among core radio listeners rose significantly.

Of the 12% of survey respondents who bought or planned to purchase a new vehicle this year, more than one in four said Apple’s dashboard system is a “must have,” according to Jacobs Media.

(Photo courtesy of Jacobs Media)

Read Fred Jacob’s full post on “Where’s Radio In The “Next-Gen” Apple CarPlay?” to learn more about how the “Radio” app fits on the new dashboard.