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Benztown and Envisionwise Launch StudioTexter

A texting platform targeting the needs of radio stations

Logo of the StudioTexter service with whiimsical yellow letters against a purple text balloon backgroundBenztown and Envisionwise have launched a texting service and contesting platform for radio station applications.

StudioTexter is available to radio stations free for the rest of this year to those who sign up for service.

“StudioTexter provides stations with free incoming SMS messages and enables stations to schedule multiple contests, use templates, pick random winners and send direct replies to listeners,” they said in a release.

“StudioTexter’s Auto Responder also lets stations easily schedule automated messages and replies from on-air talent for incoming texts.”

Request demos by emailing [email protected].

Benztown does radio imaging, voiceover, programming, podcasting and jingles. Envisionwise designs websites and other products for driving digital revenue.