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Marketron Adds Features to REV Platform

Introduces real-time avails and automated priority rate card functions

Marketron has added new avails and priority rate card features to its Marketron REV sales growth platform for radio and TV sales teams. 

“Available now for all REV clients, these features are crucial for TV and radio broadcasters when working with agency and local direct advertisers,” the company said.

REV provides a real-time connection with traffic management systems. The new features are now in the REV platform at no added charge. REV users must have a traffic platform to view real-time available inventory.

The two changes are intended to help organizations eliminate manual data re-entry, which is prone to errors and takes time.

The avails functionality is intended for sellers who work with agencies. Marketron said it allows sales teams to use a single platform to respond to avail requests, build proposals, submit orders and do other tasks.

The priority rate card feature allows salespeople to reference real-time rates for various inventory types while allowing managers to bypass the process of setting rates manually. 

“REV automatically creates rate cards to ensure that the rates offered to advertisers account for demand and inventory sellout. With the priority rate card feature, managers can set the selling rules, the system automates the process, sellers can get their deals done, and management can review any exceptions to the rules.”

Managers can set pricing strategies based on priority level of the inventory type. 

Marketron said these features “lay the foundation for broadcasters that are considering offering pay for performance (P4P) to their agency clients.”

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