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RadioTraffic.Com Is From Dave Scott

RadioTraffic.Com Is From Dave Scott

Dave Scott, formerly of Scott Studios, is promoting four new product lines.
Doug Raines, regional manager, said that with, stations can use the Internet to share sales reports, schedule logs and enter commercial orders from anywhere. For instance the software can provide avails on the user’s Blackberry or via cell phone SMS text message, laptop and pager., he said, actually is 17 systems in one package including on-air automation, live assist, spot or bit recorder/editor, voice-tracker and music scheduler.
“ is a problem-solver,” said President Dave Scott. “Working with station automation, it gives current temperature and weather including call letters, and can interrupt a broadcast with a severe weather warning and send e-mail or text messages. You can also include weather sponsorship and tie it back into the station Web site with the same sponsor.” is the fourth product from the company. “With the coming of HD Radio, it’s a shame that a typical teenage girl with an iPod has better-quality music than most stations,” said Raines. “Clients can now choose from among 60,000 songs for just $1 per song, delivered the next day on hard drive in uncompressed form. It’s perfect for those instant format changes.”