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IBC Sneak Peek: GatesAir Spotlights DAB Radio Solutions

Expanded portfolio includes the MultiD DAB transmitter and a liquid-cooled VHF range for all DAB power levels

GatesAir is highlighting its expanded range of DAB Radio transmitters and solutions resulting from the company’s recent acquisition of ONEtastic, known forward as GatesAir S.r.l. The expanded portfolio is anchored by MultiD, a multicarrier DAB transmitter; and a new liquid-cooled VHF range to serve all DAB power levels.

MultiD brings three DAB transmitters together into a compact 1RU chassis, which the company says, “is a unique design attribute that reduces space and equipment costs.” The design, GatesAir explains, removes the need for external RF combining, and instead generates and re-transmits all three channels through a single amplifier.

The multi-carrier modulation built into the transmitter supports both adjacent and non-adjacent frequencies, providing a solution for DAB networks of any size. At the show, GatesAir will exhibit the transmitter with a special spectrum analyzer to demonstrate the modulation carriers.

In addition, GatesAir will show a liquid-cooled VHF Band III power amplifier from its new Maxiva VLXTE range of liquid-cooled transmitters. Starting at 80 W, all VLXTE transmitters cover DAB/DAB+ frequencies from 170–240 MHz, with no jumpers or tuning required. The VLXTE transmitter design leverages a single-band PA module to cover all Band III frequencies. The transmitter’s modular design provides card inputs for ETI (coaxial) and EDI (IP) distribution across DAB networks.           

Stand: 8.D60


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