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Elenos Quick Blocks Ease Configuration, Maintenance

Modules can be combined to make transmitters for FM, HD Radio, or DRM+ of most any output power capability

Elenos Group founder and CEO Leonardo Busi (left) and Group Commercial Director Luca Buscherini unveil Quick Blocks at the NAB Show.

The Elenos Group brought its next generation of transmitter technology to Las Vegas: Quick Block, a modular approach that eases maintenance, as well as allows users to configure the transmitter to best meet their needs.

Quick Blocks was unveiled this morning (Apr. 16) at the Elenos Group’s NAB Show booth.

The new transmitter features common building blocks allowing for the configuration of a transmitter from 1 kW to whatever power level is needed for FM, HD Radio, or DRM+ with a wide range of options for redundancy.

“Quick Block is the culmination of over 5 years of development by engineers operating across multiple continents with over 200 years of combined experience to deliver a unique and worldclass transmission solution,” stated Elenos founder and CEO Leonardo Busi. “We are committed helping customers with creative solutions to simplify their operations, powered by our significant investment in technology, innovation, and people.”

Not only is the transmitter modular, but the Quick Block modules themselves are modular, allow for simplified reconfiguration as needs change.

The building blocks of the amplifier and drive modules are lightweight and hot-swappable. Each 3 rackunit chassis can handle five Quick Blocks for up to 5 kW nominal power. Configurator software helps users ensure they have the right number of Quick Blocks to meet redundancy and power needs.

Quick Blocks also integrates the latest-generation Elenos ProTelevision exciter with a software-defined modulator and native IP inputs. The PTV exciter can help lower the power consumption of the amplifiers and improve signal quality parameters.

For maintenance, each Quick Block has an independent power supply and control system, keeping the transmitter on the air at near full power when a module is removed. Because the units are hot-swappable, the mean time to repair can be a matter of seconds even by someone who lacks extensive technical knowledge.

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