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Siel Promotes EXC30 Transmitter

Siel EXC30 enhances the capabilities of its EXC25 transmitter.

The Siel EXC30 enhances the capabilities of its EXC25 transmitter.

The EXC30 is a 30 W direct-synthesis, frequency-agile FM transmitter that provides the basic features of the EXC25 and also incorporates a more powerful controller, which improves the local and remote control capability.

Control is possible either via the front-panel interface or a remotely connected PC.

There is a separate auxiliary SCA/RDS channel input, balanced/unbalanced audio and MPX input, optional AES/EBU digital audio input and multiplex modulation LF output. Programming is in 10- or 100-kHz steps.

The EXC30 also offers real-time clock and date with back-up battery, and password protection of critical data and programming.

Options available include a high-quality stereo encoder board, an internal GSM modem, USB, 10-baseT and RS-485 ports. These ports enable the setting of internal parameters such as power, input sensitivity and frequency.

It is also possible to verify system status elements such as modulation, direct and reflected power on the antenna, temperature and alarms.

Additionally, the EXC30 has a low internal part count and no moving parts, ensuring reliable and maintenance-free operation.