SRS Labs Introduces Portable Surround Sound Encoder

SRS Labs Introduces Portable Surround Sound Encoder
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SRS Labs unveiled the CSE-06P Portable Circle Surround Encoder here at NAB2006.
The portable encoder can prepare 5.1- or 6.0 multichannel audio for recording on two-channel recorders and ENG/EFP cameras. The unit includes a surround headphone-monitoring mode, SRS Headphone PRO, which monitors discrete 5.1-channel mixes over conventional headphones.
The upgraded SRS Circle Surround TDM Pro 2.0 plug-in for Digidesign's Pro Tools Series digital audio workstations includes a new Music Mode for mixing and monitoring SRS Circle Surround-encoded music material. The plug-in also features the Xtract up-mixing feature, which produces 6.1-channel surround sound mixes from mono and stereo material.


Surround Sound Demystified

With consumers spending money on surround products, the first challenge facing surround sound for HD Radio will be deciding on a standard of encoding before HD Radio becomes known solely as an expensive form of traditional stereo radio.