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Stitcher Connect Launches in Chevrolet Sonic, Spark

Web audio content aggregator says the API further evolves connected car

Internet audio company Stitcher has released Stitcher Connect, an API linking Stitcher’s existing Smart Radio mobile device app with a car’s entertainment system. Stitcher Connect can now aggregate what it says is the best of talk radio and similar media seamlessly via automobiles.

The Stitcher Connect platform integrates the features of on-demand web audio into the automobile and launches in the Chevrolet Sonic and Spark. 

One-third of Stitcher listeners do so in the car once the Stitcher app is loaded onto their smartphones, according to Stitcher CEO Noah Shanok, who adds that in general, 70 million listeners are using mobile devices in their vehicles. “As we continue to make advancements, the in-car audio experience is becoming more seamless. The connected car is poised to eclipse the traditional radio dial.”

Users can control Stitcher Connect on Chevy’s dashboard with remote control using both iOS and Android operating systems. The integration enables Stitcher to function through external controls like voice, touch and steering wheel controls. 

The company says other automakers will be able to integrate Stitcher into their dashboards as well. Right now, Stitcher is available on mobile devices and is integrated in Ford, GM, BMW and Mercedes vehicles.