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The Answer to Your Calendar Dilemma Is Here

Many of us have begun the search for the next year’s calendar — an important decorative choice for those with a cubicle or even the luxury of an office. Broadcast aficionados and history buffs alike should look no further than “The Radio Historian’s 2017 Calendar of Historic Radio Buildings.”

It’s the third such offering from Radio World contributor John Schneider, who says, “Each image originated from an original black and white glossy photograph, and has been digitally remastered and colorized to replicate the original scene as accurately as possible.”

In addition to a featured monthly photograph (which is contextualized in detail at the end of the calendar), each page includes important dates in radio history as an added bonus.

Find it on eBay or email Schneider. It’s available for $21.95, which includes shipping fees for U.S. customers.

For those interested in previewing which stations are featured before committing, Schneider provided this list:

  • Cover: WEAF, Port Washington, Long Island, N.Y., 1944
  • January: WOC, Davenport, Iowa, about 1926
  • February: KFSG, Angelus Temple, Los Angeles, 1937
  • March: KOMO, Seattle, 1948
  • April: NBC Radio City, Hollywood, about 1938
  • May: CBS Columbia Square, Hollywood, about 1938
  • June: NBC Radio City, San Francisco, 1942
  • July: WTAM, Cleveland, 1925
  • August: WWJ transmitter building, Detroit, 1936
  • September: WPAP studio and transmitter, Palisades, N. J., 1926
  • October: XER studio and transmitter, Del Rio, Texas/Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, about 1932
  • November: WTMJ Radio City studio building, Milwaukee, about 1942
  • December: KOA studio and transmitter, Denver, 1924