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U.S. Complains of Iranian Web Jamming

U.S. Complains of Iranian Web Jamming

The Iranian government is blocking the Web sites of Voice of America Persian and Radio Farda, according to the U.S. federal agency that supervises the services, to “prevent Iran’s population from getting accurate and balanced news and information about the world.”
The Broadcasting Board of Governors said “thousands” of Iranians have sent e-mails to complain about the blockage. Engineers are looking at ways to overcome the blockage, it said, after the Iranian government ordered new restrictions on the Internet in May.
“Newspapers in Iran said the government instructed Internet service providers to block sites that are political or deemed immoral. Some 15,000 sites were targeted, according to press reports,” BBG stated.
Radio Farda is a joint project of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and VOA.