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Visteon to Produce IBOC Radios for Cars

Visteon to Produce IBOC Radios for Cars
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Visteon, the world's second-largest automotive supplier, will produce IBOC radios. Visteon will integrate the IBOC chip into its receivers slated for availability to automakers in the 2004 model year timeframe.
Ibiquity plans to use one chipset in each receiver, one a digital signal processing chip from either Texas Instruments or Phillips, plus the IBOC Digital Module. The company's personnel in New Jersey have spent the better part of a year shrinking the size of the IDM to fit into the front end of any receiver.


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There was a time, for us old timers, when simply having a radio in a car was a bonus. Even better if it actually worked. Then came AM FM car radios and then the possibility of a cassette player built