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Voice of Russia Relies on Axia

International broadcaster installs Axia gear in Moscow, Istanbul, and Washington

The Voice of Russia, which transmits nearly 180 hours of programming daily in 32 languages, says it continues to depend on mixing consoles and IP audio networking solutions from Axia Audio.

Tract Ltd. of St. Petersburg, Russia, represents and integrates Axia in the Russian Federation and explains that the VoR facilities in Istanbul are the latest to receive an Axia makeover.

“Istanbul has a complete Livewire on-air suite,” said Nick Ditlov, Tract technical director, “a control room, a six-microphone guest studio, and a two-microphone news reading studio. The main console is a 20-channel Element with PowerStation. The studios also include a Telos Nx6 Talkshow system, and two independent 24/7 delivery channels that use Telos Z/IP ONE codecs to deliver Turkish programming to Moscow.”

Last year, says Axia, Tract also installed VoR’s Washington studios, which are powered by 20-position Axia Element consoles and PowerStation integrated console engines.

Tract also installed the Axia Livewire-based central program switching system in VoR’s Moscow HQ, a custom-configured 72-input, 64-output AoIP router.