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Wheatstone, RCS Announce Partnership

Also, Wheatnet-IP line adds Razor Blade

Wheatstone and RCS are working together and have announced a new interface arrangement that allows RCS NexGen Digital automation software to interface over IP with Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network and E-series audio consoles.

The announcement was made by Chip Jellison, EVP of technology and development at RCS, and Jay Tyler, director of sales for Wheatstone.

Users of NexGen Digital will be able to control source and destination routing, send and receive logic commands, and monitor network status through its direct IP interface with the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. The companies worked together on a recent project along these lines for Clear Channel Seattle.

Separately, Wheatstone has added to its family of Wheatnet-IP Blades with one called the Razor Blade. This is an economical, simpler iteration of the Blade, with one AES digital input, one AES digital output and six bidirectional logic ports. The company said it is suitable for interfacing a satellite receiver, ISDN codec, telephone hybrid or any other single I/O device to the network.

The front includes two pairs of 10-segment LED bargraph meters that display I/O signal levels. The rear has AES inputs and outputs on XLR connectors, a WheatNet-IP Gigabit Ethernet port and an RJ-45 connector that carries the universal logic ports. The unit is set up, configured and controlled via Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP Navigator software.