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Wheatstone Touts Recent Contracts

Wheatstone Touts Recent Contracts

NAB booths are up here in Las Vegas, and exhibitors putting the last touches on them for Monday’s opening of the show floor.
Ath the show, Wheatstone has announced several recent contracts. Its Audioarts ADR-32 router is in use at two Alaska Public Radio Stations, KBBI(AM) and KDLL(FM). In Los Angeles, KJLH(FM) is outfitting a new control room using a Wheatstone D-8000 digital console and Wheatstone Bridge Router. That station is owned by Taxi Productions, owned in part by Stevie Wonder.
Wheatstone is showing a new radio control surface called the GEN-9, an analog air console called the A-7000 and several Audioarts products including a digital air board, an analog air console and a compact digital router.