Remembering Steve Church

 Broadcast technology pioneer
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 Broadcast technology pioneer

Many people in the radio equipment community are learning today of the death of Steve Church. He kept his illness intensely private; indeed many In the closely knit company he founded only found out a few weeks ago that Church was dying. Because he spent much time abroad and because he often worked remotely, it was possible for him to keep his cancer out of the public eye. The news reached me during a trip to New York. Look for my story on the home page of Radio World, for more about his life. Steve was one of the manufacturing innovators responsible for the way radio stations manage phone calls, do remotes, move audio and data, and process sound on the air. For many engineers and equipment industry colleagues this will be a very sudden and personal loss as well as a professional one. My thoughts are with Steve’s family and colleagues today.


Remembering Art Constantine

Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief.I'm been shaking my head trying to get rid of the stunned, emotional feeling that has taken hold since I heard the news that Art Constantine had died.Many people are just learning this morning