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Inside the Nov. 7, 2018 Issue of Radio World

Learn about Blackloud's AF-1, tour American General Media's Bakersfield, Calif., and more

Michael LeClair chronicles his impressions of Blackloud’s AF-1, which (finally!) lets iPhone users listen to local FM radio conveniently. Also, tour American General Media’s Bakersfield, Calif., facility alongside Doug Irwin. Inovonics and Radio World also salute Ben Barber for reaching an industry milestone. Paul Kaminski test drives the Volvo XC60 T8-E — another model with no AM radio receiver. And if you need a pick-me-up, celebrate the launch of KXSF(LP).

New Radio Data Service Subcommittee Launched

Delivering a quality “metadata” experience (for example, song title, artist and album artwork for FM broadcasters) to the digital dashboard is more important than ever for broadcasters. Now, a new collaboration between the National Association of Broadcasters and the Consumer Technology Association aims to provide a better framework to support the data delivery needs of radio broadcasters.

Making Local Radio That Isn’t

It’s been a year now since the FCC regulation known as the Main Studio Rule was abolished. Local radio stations are no longer required to operate a studio and have a physical presence within the city-grade signal contour of their official city of license. But as one legal expert cautions, stations still need to address issues of importance to their community in their programming and maintain a toll-free phone line answered during business hours. How and why are broadcasters choosing to use their newfound freedom.


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