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A Shout Out to Zephyr

Telos MPEG codec receives a pair of upgrades

The Telos Systems Zephyr iPort MPEG Gateway has received a pair of incremental release upgrades, the company recently announced. Users of the Shoutcast streaming platform should be happy.

Version 1.5.1 adds the ability to have the iPort operate as a 16-decoder unit. The update also included improved NTP polling abilities and handled some maintenance issues.

Following quickly on its heels was version 1.5.2., improved Shoutcast compatibility and performed some small housekeeping duties.

The Zephyr iPort is an eight stereo MPEG codec device. Acting as a 16-channel multicodec it can operate as an eight-bidirectional unit or 16-encoder and now 16-decoder unit. It’s a Telos product and is Axia Livewire-compatible.