APT Projects the Astral

IP codec offers remote control and audio backup
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Codec maker APT, now part of WorldCast, has created a new codec for the NAB audience.

The rackmounted WorldCast Astral is an IP codec designed for entry-level sustained duties such as STLs. It handles MPEG Layers II and III, HE-AAC v2, AAC LC, linear, along with G.711 and G.722 and, not surprisingly, Enhanced apt-X. Astral is SIP and N/ACIP compliant.

Dual power supplies add redundancy. In the event of a failure of the main IP link, Astral can fall back on playing files stored on an SD card or utilizing a SHOUTcast stream.

As part of the WorldCast family, the Astral is compatible with Audemat's Scripteasy V2 programming application for remote operation and communications. It also works with APT's Codec Management System software.


APT to Introduce WorldCast IP Codec Line

APT says it will debut the WorldCast range of IP-based audio codecs. WorldCast Horizon and WorldCast Meridian are the first products in this series, which features IP connectivity as its core functionality.