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Axel Technology Integrates Radio, TV

Permits the visual feed to adapt to radio broadcasters’ needs, says firm

ANZOLA DELL’EMILIA, Italy — Axel Technology says its visual radio solution VJ Pro is the result of a combination of broadcast tools: the radio automation system DJ Pro, the TV playout Youplay and the logo and graphic generator DLG Plus.

Interaction is managed by the DJ Pro console, which the company says allows for the easy control of audio and video events.

Axel says the solution permits the visual feed to adapt to radio broadcasters’ needs; it allows users to include live, automatic scheduling and audio/video synchronization and requires no change in the radio workflow or in the scheduling style of the shows.

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VJ Pro provides resolution in SD/HD/4K and integrates into most new and legacy products on the market. Customization is available to match user requirements.

For information, contact Axel Technology in Italy at +39-051-736-555 or visit

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