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Cool Stuff: Wheatstone IP Meters GUI

Here’s a product with real visual bang

We’re profiling winners of the Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award:

Wheatstone’s IP Meters GUI for the WheatNet-IP network provides metering of parameters like audio levels, signal density and FFT readings, but in a way you ain’t seen before. The app puts a “wall of meters” on your computer screen for monitoring of audio peak levels and average levels at selected points on your network. Included is a separate FFT meter for spectral readings plus visual alerts should a channel go dark.

The GUI is customizable and lets you display just about any array of metering and analysis on the monitor of any computer connected to a WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. Meters have silence detection, so you can see if an audio stream has gone down, and where. Each meter or cell can be set up as a horizontal, vertical or eyebrow bargraph meter. You can set up two, 20, 60 or more cells in a “wall.” You determine where and what to meter: console inputs, mic outputs, the satellite receiver, studios, Web streams. A separate analysis window allows you to view one audio stream in a variety of ways including FFT, 3D plot, oscilloscope, energy vs. frequency and spectral dynamic range.

Ask about all the ways the display can be customized. The app is, well, cool.