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Digidesign Ships Major Upgrade

Pro Tools 8 is on the market

Digidesign’s Pro Tools DAW platform has a major new upgrade, Pro Tools 8.

As with any whole number edition, Pro Tools 8 has a number of significant changes and additions.

The first and most obvious change most users will notice is a revamped GUI. Major enhancements will also be seen on the “creation” side with more plug-ins and virtual instruments shipping along with improved MIDI functions.

For example, moving beyond its traditional editing functions, PT8 ships with new guitar amp emulators, a mini grand piano and tonewheel organ simulator. Over 8 GB of loops are also included in the package.

Suffice to say, considering its Avid corporate ownership, that Pro Tools 8 has strong functionality in film, video and post production applications as well.

Pro Tools 8 is compatible with updated Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X platforms. Upgrade packages are available for current users at a variety of prices.