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ENCO Launches a PADapult

ENCO Launches a PADapult

ENCO plans to show a new product, PADapult, when the exhibit floor opens at the NAB Radio Show in Philly two weeks from now.
“PADapult is designed for stations that are doing either a great deal of live news/talk or sports programming or playing CDs from traditional CD players and who want to send PAD data to HD Radio receivers,” the company’s Don Backus said. “Along with PAD information, PADapult will also send appropriately formatted data to Web sites and RDS encoders.” DAD also still supports the automated distribution of this data for HD Radio, RDS and Web sites.
PADapult is aimed at applications needing live, interactive generation of program data for radio broadcasters. It is available as a module in DAD or as a standalone program for non-DAD users; it will ship later this month. The company also will exhibit the latest version of its DAD flagship digital system.
ENCO is in booth 108.
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