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ERI Introduces Directional Couplers

Extra features include external termination

Coming out of the NAB Show, it’s time to look back at things that got overlooked among the razzle-dazzle of Las Vegas.

At the show Electronics Research/ERI introduced a series of directional couplers.

This line of coaxial directional couplers is adjustable and externally terminated. The orientation of any sampling port can easily be changed from forward to reflected by reposition the external termination load on the coupler.

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These couplers are available in 3-1/8-inch, 4-1/16-inch, and 6-1/8-inch, 50-ohm, models, with flanged input and output connections. The 3-1/8-inch and 4-1/16-inch models are also available with an unflanged male connection at the coupler input.

Models available with one to five adjustable couplers with Type N sample ports. One external termination load is supplied for each sample port. Directivity and coupling level are dependent on operating frequency. The design of this new product family is complete, and all items mentioned in this release are in current production.

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