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Harman Rolls Out Rebates

Select packages cover a number of applications

A good thing about owning a lot of companies is the theoretical synergy between them. Harman International owns a lot of professional audio equipment companies. It’s approaching Christmas time.

To celebrate the season in the tradition of Lee Iacocca, Harman is making many of its pro audio companies play nice with each other and offer customer rebates.

Many of these come in purchasing select bundles, though the Crown XLS line of amplifiers offer straightforward cash rebates for purchases of only an amplifier.

Among deals of interest to radio station personnel might be packages involving buying a Lexicon Lambda USB interface with an AKG Perception 120 USB microphone and JBL Control 2P speakers with a $100 rebate.

A similar deal offers a free AKG D5 microphone with the purchase of one of Lexicon’s I-Onix recording interfaces. Buyers of a pair of JBL LSR2328P monitors will receive a pair of AKG 240 headphones.

Those with an interest in live sound can find offerings from dbx, Crown, JBL and AKG that fit their interest as well. Here’s the list.