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Super Hi-Fi Rolls Out Program Director

Calls it “an AI-powered operating system” for building and scaling radio

super Hi-Fi Program Director start screen
A promo image for Super Hi-Fi Program Director

Super Hi-Fi has launched Program Director, a suite of tools for curating, programming and scheduling radio content.

It makes bold claims for the new offering, saying that it “completely reimagines the workflow for curating, programming and scheduling radio experiences.”

Super Hi-Fi, based in Los Angeles, describes its business as creating “AI-powered radio experiences for digital music services and radio broadcasters.” Its published client base includes iHeartRadio, Sonos, Peloton, Napster and Octave Group.

The company says cloud-based Program Director uses artificial intelligence to create “an entirely new approach” to creating radio. CEO Zack Zalon described it as “an incredibly powerful support system for the radio and music industries.”

“Program Director is the culmination of over three years of work, analyzing customer needs and assessing what kinds of tools radio and digital music companies will require as their businesses and consumer demands evolve. The result is a totally novel approach to radio programming platforms, built with data and intelligence at the core of the service, and with a fresh, intuitive interface designed to provide radio programmers with the fastest, easiest way to deliver compelling listening experiences.”

Program Director does not require downloadable software; it works in web browsers and is cloud-based for all services and backups.

The company listed sample applications:

It said programmers can “produce world-class radio stations in minutes with AI-assisted playlisting, smart rotations, visual daypart scheduling, show creation, automated AI production and online playout.”

They can manage large music and content catalogs, and use them across an unlimited number of stations. “Plus, utilize deep data insights about your music, access programming recommendations, automatically eliminate duplicate tracks, organize your content into smart folders, and access fully-integrated catalogs from our numerous third-party partners.”

Users also can distribute and monetize monetize streams with format options, manage multiple time zones, localize branding and catalog across multiplexed syndications and territories, view logs and reports, integrate ad trafficking partners, and leverage the company’s DSP mastering options for playout.

Among other things, the tool can create synthetic voice tracks with ChaptGPT and ElevenLabs AI voice generation. Users can share music playlists across across multiple stations and automate DMCA compliance; they can set up AI-powered programming rules across their stations, and “access one-click content diversity to immediately fulfill minimum gender or country-specific playback requirements.”

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