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Logitek JetLink Takes Off

Using a high-bitrate Opus stereo software codec, it offers a solid, low-latency connection

A Radio Show attendee tries out the JetLink while Logitek President Tag Borland looks on.

Logitek Electronic Systems and R&D partner Logitek Australia introduced a new line of remote audio products for radio at the Radio Show earlier this month.

JetLink sends and receives broadcast quality audio from point to point. According to Logitek, “using a high bitrate Opus stereo software codec, JetLink keeps a solid, low latency connection on corporate LAN connections, DSL lines, Wi–Fi and 4G LTE connections.”

A free beta version of JetLink linking two computers over a LAN, WAN or public Internet will soon be released to the public. Interested broadcasters can sign up for the program online. After the program concludes, the company plans to add additional paid features based feedback received.

The company “has been testing JetLink connections between Australia and the US for some time now,” according to Logitek President Tag Borland, who added that its Radio Show booth also featured a demo of the connected between Austin and the company’s Houston office.