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2wcom MoIN Links Production and Distribution

The server software offers audio services in the cloud

2wcom, MOIN, broadcast software
2wcom says its MoIN software solution provides all functionalities that traditional hardware AoIP codecs offer. The company also points out that it adds benefits such as scalability, usage-oriented pricing models, optimized rack space or flexibility in application.

The system features Icecast to DVB transport stream transcoding so web streams are available on DVB transport stream for distribution in cable networks or via satellite. In addition, its software can feed a streaming encoder or transcode an audio signal to adaptive bitrate protocols like HLS for further distribution via CDN.

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As a studio-to-WAN bridge, the server allows for the transformation of AoIP protocols like AES67, Dante, WheatNet, Ravenna or Livewire+ to a format that is suitable for wide area networks.

SMPTE 2022 conform error protection or Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) ensure transmission robustness, even with imperfect network conditions.

On-demand transcoders in means of number and time enable users to flexibly handle alternative audio streams like audio description or additional audio streams of a video contribution, such as for example for social media platforms and radio.

MoIN software is also available as hardware if required.