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AETA Adds Features

Enhancements are designed to ease the task of reporters

AETA Audio Systems has announced recent upgrades and new features for its entire product line.

Enhancements include Remote Access Portal, a service that allows technicians to control all AETA products remotely from wherever they are. This tool gives users global visibility to their total pool of AETA codecs.


In addition, AETA’s new Bonding capability allows AETA clients to manage streams by splitting the audio signal on two different networks. It’s meant for users who want to transmit high-quality IP audio, even in crowded areas where networks are overloaded.

Finally, VoLTE [a voice over LTE solution] lets reporters benefit from a mobile operator’s high-definition voice service (like a standard phone call) without having to depend on a 3G network.

With this system, the audio quality may not be as crisp as an AoIP connection, explains AETA, but it does ensure staff makes the most of an operator’s “quality of service.” VoLTE safeguards the link, adds the firm, so it’s less exposed to the “hick ups” that are often associated with IP audio technology.

All AETA Audio systems codecs are compatible with AES67/Ravenna and Dante.