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AETA ScoopTeam Brings Flexibility to Sports Coverage

Now supports up to eight output and five input AES67 streams.

LE PLESSIS ROBINSON, France — AETA Audio Systems offers the ScoopTeam commentary unit for sports remote coverage applications.

The system features a double mono codec for live audio transmission of one or two audio signals of up to 20 kHz and offers a maximum of four commentary positions and 11 audio inputs.

According to AETA, while ScoopTeam is suitable for use with IP networks, it can also be used with ISDN lines. Alternative transmission modes are available as options; these include AoIP via 3G/4G, Wi-Fi via USB, along with mobile voice (including HD Voice).

The premium version allows users to transmit via a Ravenna interface (AES67, Dante-compatible) and offers two additional analog inputs and one AES input.

The company also recently introduced a new network module that enhances the ScoopTeam’s number of supported AES67 streams. The update brings the number up to eight output streams and five input streams, allowing more flexibility for intercom use.

AETA’s Remote Access can be integrated into ScoopTeam. The optional feature allows operators to control their codec remotely and in real time via IP, including 4G mobile networks, through an HTML web server.

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In addition, the new MyScoopTeam application lets users control ScoopTeam through its graphic interface, directly from a laptop. MyScoopTeam is available in LAN or remote (IP) edition.

For information, contact AETA Audio Systems in France at +33-1-41-36-12-00 or visit