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AMS Deploys Ferncast Aixtream

Software is running on virtual machines

From the Who’s Buying What page: Ferncast said that its customer audio media service Produktionsges, or ams, is using aixtream software for DMZ-based input of audio files from the internet, which are then streamed into its internal network via RTP.

“Two aixtream systems — one main and one backup system — are running in ams’ network DMZ on virtual machines of type XenServer,” Ferncast said in a press release.

“These systems use internet and cloud sources as well as AES67 playout sources and processes these into 14 Opus-encoded RTP streams, which are then transmitted to ams’ internal network for final decoding.”

Ferncast provided a diagram.

Diagram of workflow at AMS as provided by Ferncast

The workflow includes a redundant setup, in which the aixtream systems are mirrors of each other.

“Virtualized installations on existing XenServers kept the implementation simple, whereas the addition of conventional hardware products would have increased the complexity of the network.”

Ferncast said the use of aixtream in a DMZ provides security and network configuration benefits.