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ATX Releases New XDS CMS

CMS Version 7 adds features, increases centralization

ATX, XDS, content management system, broadcast softwareBroadcast content management system developer ATX Networks has released Version 7 of its XDS content management system.

ATX General Manager and CTO, Media Broadcast, Jose Rivero laid out a chief reason for the new whole number version — centralized control. He said, “The fact that most broadcast platforms are made up of a series of discrete components that must be managed and controlled separately, rather than a fully-integrated solution, is a significant operational challenge — and cost concern — for network operators.”

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An added benefit, “It’s imperative that today’s audio distribution and content management systems offer flexible and open APIs that facilitate the integration of the back-office business solutions that are so crucial to the network’s financial health,” Rivero said.

According to ATX, the new version supports the latest versions of Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server, .Net Framework 4.0, enabling network operators to deploy their audio distribution and monitoring operations in virtualized server- and cloud-based environments. ATX says that will improve “benefits of server virtualization include reduced hardware costs, improved network resiliency and recovery, deployment flexibility and significant operational savings.”

Furthermore, “The new version of the XDS Content Management System also provides additional centralization capabilities and openness, further facilitating the simplification of complex operational environments and network health monitoring.

Back office features streamline “the sales organization, empowering account managers to sell spots in multiple markets or even regions, but still offer their clients the ability to customize their ads, station IDs, interstitials and programming to specific markets.”