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BE Releases New FM Transmitters

New options in the STX-e family lineup

Broadcast Electronics has announced new FM transmitters, the STXe-5 and STXe-6. 

The manufacturer says these medium-power FM radio transmitters “herald the next step toward reducing capital expenditure and minimizing operating costs.”

Broadcast Electronics’ STXe6 BE Unit

The transmitter family is based on the established STX-e platform. BE says network operators benefit from low operating costs through the product’s life cycle thanks to an excellent Mean Time Between Failure design. 

“Stations will hear the difference in audio quality from the legendary BE exciter with its exceptional clarity,” said the company. 

STXe transmitters can be upgraded for HD Radio and DRM+, and include hot-pluggable and redundant power supplies.  

The STXe-5 and STXe-6 are smaller and lighter than the previous STX-LP series transmitter, according to BE. Additionally, they include SNMP level 3 remote control, web browser remote control and integrated RDS generator.

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The STXe range boasts efficiency values of up to 80%, including the cooling system. BE said the adaptive efficiency optimization feature ensures maximum energy cost savings even after channel changes or output power adjustments. 

“The new VPeXgine, featuring PTV Inside technology, provides maximum performance and efficiency in HD Radio operation,” BE stated. “Both the STXe-5 and STXe-6 maintain their very high efficiency, even at lower powers.”

These models will be released in two versions including Dual Controller/Exciter and Single Controller Exciter with an add on amplifier. BE notes that STXe series models include two RF power supply modules that are accessible from the front and hot-pluggable, providing quick serviceability in the event of a power issue without going off air.