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Cassettes Make a Comeback with TASCAM’s CD-A580

It's also a CD player and USB flash drive recorder

TASCAM’s new CD-A580 is a cassette recorder, CD player and USB flash drive recorder all-in-one

According to the company, the CD-A580’s integrated cassette recorder utilizes a single-direction logic-based transport control. The cassette mechanism facilitates copying content from CD to cassette in addition to being able to record content from the USB flash drive or the Line Inputs, said TASCAM in a press release.

The transport also includes +/-10% Pitch Control. For playback, Normal (TYPE I), Chrome (TYPE II), and Metal (TYPE IV) cassettes are supported. For recording, Normal (TYPE I) and Chrome (TYPE II) cassettes are used.

The CD-A580 (photo via TASCAM)

As a CD player, the CD-A580 supports playback of CDs, CD-R/CD-RW discs, and data CDs containing MP3 files. In addition to conventional CD playback, the system also supports repeat, shuffle, and programmed playback. 

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The CD-A580’s integrated USB flash drive recorder/player allows users to transfer cassette tape content to MP3 format on a USB flash drive. Additionally, audio from both the CD drive and the Line Inputs can be recorded in MP3 format to USB flash drives.

A RC-1329 remote control, rack ears and mounting screw kit are included with purchase. 

The TASCAM CD-A580 is expected to become available Q3 of this year.