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Digigram Releases New Sound Cards

Applications include broadcast and other critical installations

Digigram’s ALP222e (click to enlarge)

Digigram has two new sound cards, the ALP222e and ALP222e-Mic.

“The new ALP-X range comprises a series of digital and analog sound cards with improved features that will gradually roll out throughout 2022 to replace the legacy Digigram VX sound cards,” the company announced.

ALP222e and ALP222e-Mic are the first two cards of the range to be released.

Director of Sales, Marketing and Communications Nancy Diaz Curiel said, “Both cards will seamlessly integrate broadcast studios or automation systems where high sound quality and robustness are key.”

Digigram’s ALP222e-Mic (click to enlarge)

The company said the cards feature a slim form factor design and Windows and Linux systems compatibility.

Other additions to the new range include analog and digital streaming at the same time and an embedded mixer with drivers available from the Digigram website.

The cards will be available this month via Digigram distributors.

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