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Getting Connected With CallMe diRECt

Easy connections for recording guests and remote contributors

Vortex Communications, CallMe diRECt, audio codecs, smartphone codecCallMe diRECt from Vortex Communications connects shows to guests and remote contributors by simply sending a link from a web browser to them, letting a user record both ends of a live interview in lossless quality for later editing.

Even when network conditions are poor guest audio will be recorded reliably in the browser and uploaded for use in the background in near real-time. All audio is end-to-end encrypted and never stored in the cloud securely offering the simplicity of a live call with the reliability of local recording, the company says.

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It is available as an add-on for CallMe Click-&-Connect cloud codec that puts guests, contributors and reporters live on air by connecting them to a studio IP audio codec without the need for them to have special hardware or software. The guest clicks on the station’s branded CallMe page and connects with stable 15 kHz live two-way audio, accessible through their web browser.

For those who cannot afford a full-blown IP codec, CallMe-T is Vortex’s low-cost hardware IP codec with Quick-Dials for easy connection and SmartStream for multiple-destination simultaneous connectivity.

CallMe-T is compatible with most IP audio codecs. It has balanced stereo plus USB audio for connecting a USB headset or mixer making it ideal as a back-end for CallMe Click-&-Connect, for home studio use and as an add-on for the huge installed base of ISDN mixers for use over IP.