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Jutel RadioMan Gets New Architecture

Can deploy in cloud, on physical hardware or as a hybrid

Jutel is highlighting new technical architecture for its RadioMan platform. It is a virtual browser-based radio production and playout system built in the cloud.

The company said web-native technologies and architecture enable more flexible deployment models.

“RadioMan users can move freely in-between different locations, as laptops and tablets are used as a thin clients to access RadioMan virtually through a web browser,” it states on its website.

The system can deploy in a cloud environment, on physical hardware or as a hybrid.

Jutel RadioMan product image

“Every radio station can benefit from taking out expensive on-site hardware and moving to virtual environments, especially small, pop-up, temporary and web-only radio stations. Instead of having expensive on-site infrastructure throughout many locations, RadioMan allows for the infrastructure to move to one centralized location.”

It said RadioMan also allows the user to access it using any browser on any thin client. “With older systems, users tried to access one machine, which created a bottleneck that slows processes down considerably,” it said.

“However, RadioMan’s built-in load balancer allows the user to redirect HTTP traffic across the load-balanced back-end infrastructure. The back-end itself is run on Apache web servers and the messaging between the front and back-end infrastructure is controlled via web-native ActiveMQ messaging.”

The company deployed PostgreSQL database with RadioMan 6 to make it more affordable and easier to deploy.

The HTML interface runs inside the RadioMan deployment and there is no need for third-party plug-ins. The REST API allows for a user to build interactivity so that MAM, traffic and newsroom systems can be integrated with RadioMan.

Jutel, based in Finland, was founded in 1984 by Jorma and Reijo Kivelä and their business partner Timo Turunen, founded the company in 1984. The first RadioMan was introduced in 1992.